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A table setting of a bowl of tomato & harissa hummus with some flatbread wedges behind it

Preparing an appetising party platter with homemade dips and dippers is a great way to impress your guests and most importantly, for you to relax and enjoy the party or watch a game or show on tv.

Most dips are naturally gluten-free, but it’s what goes in them to scoop out the dip that needs to be converted into either a gluten-free cracker or bread.

Here are the links to some of my favourite gluten-free dip platters that are not complicated and can be made ahead of time.

Several gluten-free flatbreads stacked on a serving tray

This creamy and zingy tomato & harissa hummus is an excellent addition to a mezze-sharing platter served with homemade gluten-free flatbreads, that are a cinch to make. Cut the flatbreads into triangles to scoop into the hummus or tear the warm flatbreads apart just before dipping.

Don’t be put off thinking that flatbreads are complicated to make. Only 10 minutes of rest is needed before pan-frying them briefly. The rising agent is gluten-free baking powder, so if you are yeast-intolerant, this bread is for you!

A display of ingredients needed for the tomato & harissa hummus

Another hummus dip, but this is the original flavour that most of us are familiar with. It needs no reminding that hummus is a super-healthy dip packed with protein and fibre. The steps for this traditional hummus with some tips on how to get that fluffy texture are available here.

Keeping with the Mediterranean flavours, the chickpea dukkah crackers are crunchy, nutty and aromatic. Dukkah is a dry roasted spice blend mainly made with almonds, sesame seeds and dried whole spices. If you can’t find store-bought dukkah, I have included a recipe for this blend.

Serve the hummus and crackers with plenty of fresh vegetable crudities, olives and feta cheese cubes to create a dip platter.

A display of ingredients needed for the tomato & harissa hummus

Olive tapenade is a Provencal spread made of black olives, garlic, capers, anchovies, basil and olive oil. Serving this flavour-packed spread on some oat biscuits is a perfect combination. Alternatively, filling halved cherry tomatoes with tapenade makes this an amazing vegetarian option. Instructions to assemble these are in the recipe.

Tapenade goes with almost any cracker, but I find that the strong flavour of tapenade mellows down and compliment oatcakes/biscuits. Just like cheese goes well with digestive biscuits, the same goes for tapenade and oat biscuits. 

Create a platter with the spread as a centrepiece, surrounded by oat biscuits, filled cherry tomato bites and celery sticks.

A display of ingredients needed for the tomato & harissa hummus

With the combination of feta and ricotta, this dip is fresh and tangy with a subtle hint of garlic and parsley. One of the easiest dips to make, it only requires a fork to blend the ingredients together to a semi-smooth texture. If you like it extra smooth, use a stick blender or food processor to get this result.

Stronger flavour crackers suit this dip, such as amaranth crackers which are extremely healthy. Amaranth flour has the highest protein compared to any other gluten-free grain. The flavour is nutty and earthy, perfect to make crackers or bread.


An adobe photo of gluten-free flatbread with tomato and harissa hummus


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