Welcome to my Gluten-free food blog!

My name is Sandra. I started this blog to share my gluten-free food experiences at home and during my travels, plus countless recipes that will make cooking easier and FUN!

Like many, I changed my diet due to health reasons and honestly, I wish I had done this sooner. As a result, I have eliminated my regular migraines and my health has improved for the better.

I’m not going to lie, I do miss a straight-forward diet where I can choose anything on the menu or roam through a food market sampling amazing street food, especially while travelling. If you have read this far, I know you are nodding your head in agreement, so while I have your attention, let me tell you that my blog will help you follow a gluten-free diet much easier!

I have hundreds of recipes, ideas and ‘aha’ moments that will inspire you to get in the kitchen, roll up your sleeves and make so many dishes that you have missed. I strongly believe if your kitchen has all the basic ingredients, making gluten-free meals every day will be a breeze. I will help you with this list.

Having lived in several different countries, I appreciate that some of the gluten-free ingredients or products are not always available in every country. Therefore, I will suggest alternatives as much as I can in my recipes or tips.

My blog is not meant to be a weight-loss platform as I will not be listing calories for each recipe, but it will be balanced. A bit of naughty and nice…plus some fun!

About Sandra

I was born and raised in Singapore to American and Argentine parents. I have been married to Rob for 33 years and we have two grown-up sons, plus one adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Kia and one ugly but sassy Burmese cat, Fudge.

I studied Hotel & Catering Management in Switzerland and later in London at Westminster College (where Jamie Oliver also attended and we shared the same teachers!). I proudly walked away with good grades and a nationwide LEB Design Award for Restaurant, Menu and Kitchen Design.

I worked in the Hotel and Catering Industry for 10 years in Buenos Aires, London & Melbourne at various hotels and clubs. Once my sons started school, I volunteered in several International Schools, helping in catering and conducting cooking lessons to the students. Noticing a demand for party food in Singapore, I started a catering & birthday cake business and was non-stop for 5 years, until my husband’s company sent us to Vienna, Austria.

We have lived in beautiful Vienna for 10 years now and enjoy travelling to all the neighbouring European countries, sampling their local cuisine and buying countless cookbooks in different languages. Besides Europe, I have been lucky to visit countless countries such as the USA, India, UAE, Ireland, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and so on. I have also lived a number of years in Singapore, Argentina, England, Australia, Germany and Austria.

My love of food and cooking started at home with both my parents and Argentine/Italian grandmother being excellent cooks. Growing up in Singapore was an added bonus as their food is renowned for its melting pot of different cultures. In combination with all my food experience around the world, I intend to offer a glimpse of each country’s cuisine that can be adapted to gluten-free meals.

I hope you will join me while I share these food experiences and have FUN without gluten!!

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