A text box informing people how to get your gluten-free pantry in order using a checklist

Pantry Checklist

Click on the highlighted ingredient to take you to the gluten-free recipe for this item.
Store-bought or Homemade Gluten-Free Plain FlourLong Grain White RiceSandwich Bread
Store-bought or Homemade Gluten-Free Self-Raising FlourLong Grain Brown RiceBread Rolls
Store-bought or Homemade Gluten-Free Bread FlourBasmati RiceGluten-Free Pizza
Store-bought Gluten-Free Bread MixesRisotto/Arborio RiceWaffles
Cornflour/CornstarchShort-grain Rice for Rice Pudding or SushiBagels
White Rice FlourRolled OatsSavoury Crackers
Brown Rice FlourWhite or Red QuinoaCookies
Sweet Rice Flour/Glutinous Rice FlourPizza Dough MixDigestive Biscuits/Graham Crackers
Chickpea/Gram/Besan FlourDried PastaBreadcrumbs
Chestnut FlourLasagne SheetsCroutons
Almond FlourRice noodlesDried Spice Blends
Coconut FlourCorn Taco ShellsSpice Blend Pastes
Masa Harina FlourPolentaChicken Stock
Oat FlourGranolaBeef Stock
Amaranth FlourMuesliVegetable Stock
Buckwheat FlourCornflakesGravy
Soy FlourRice PuffsHamburger Buns
Quinoa FlourRaw NutsIce-Cream Cones/Wafers
Sorghum/Millet FlourRaw SeedsPretzels
Teff FlourTamari Soy SauceSponge Fingers/Savioardi Biscuits
Potato StarchTeriyaki SauceSandwich Wraps
Tapioca StarchTomato SauceWonton Wrappers
Store-bought or Homemade Gluten-Free Baking PowderBBQ SauceFalafels
Bicarbonate of Soda/Baking SodaSriracha SauceHash Browns/Potato Röstis
Xanthan Gum PowderDried Stock CubesPotato Gnocchi
Psyllium Husk PowderChia SeedsBaguette Bread
Arrowroot PowderSesame SeedsNaan Bread
Cream of TartarTahini Paste/Sesame PasteFocaccia Bread
Caster/Brown/Coconut SugarDesiccated CoconutMuesli/Cereal Health Bars
*Whey or Soy Protein Isolate, natural/neutral flavourAlmond Meal/Ground AlmondsCrispbread/Knäckebröd Slices
*Modified Tapioca Starch - e.g: UltratexMaple SyrupCorn Tortilla
*Essential to make my homemade gluten-free bread flourRunny HoneyChilli Sauce
Gluten-Free Beer, Ale or CiderGranola
Rice Paper


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