A text box informing people how to get your gluten-free pantry in order using a checklist

Pantry Checklist

Click on the highlighted ingredient to take you to the gluten-free recipe for this item.
Store-bought or Homemade Gluten-Free Plain FlourLong Grain White RiceSandwich Bread
Store-bought or Homemade Gluten-Free Self-Raising FlourLong Grain Brown RiceBread Rolls
Store-bought or Homemade Gluten-Free Bread FlourBasmati RiceGluten-Free Pizza
Store-bought Gluten-Free Bread MixesRisotto/Arborio RiceWaffles
Cornflour/CornstarchShort-grain Rice for Rice Pudding or SushiBagels
White Rice FlourRolled OatsSavoury Crackers
Brown Rice FlourWhite or Red QuinoaCookies
Sweet Rice Flour/Glutinous Rice FlourPizza Dough MixDigestive Biscuits/Graham Crackers
Chickpea/Gram/Besan FlourDried PastaBreadcrumbs
Chestnut FlourLasagne SheetsCroutons
Almond FlourRice noodlesDried Spice Blends
Coconut FlourCorn Taco ShellsHomemade Gluten-Free Spice Blends
Masa Harina FlourPolentaChicken Stock
Oat FlourGranolaBeef Stock
Amaranth FlourMuesliVegetable Stock
Buckwheat FlourCornflakesGravy
Soy FlourRice PuffsHamburger Buns/Hot Dog Buns
Quinoa FlourRaw NutsIce-Cream Cones/Wafers
Sorghum/Millet FlourRaw SeedsGluten-Free PANKO Breadcrumbs
Teff FlourTamari Soy SauceSponge Fingers/Savioardi Biscuits
Potato StarchTeriyaki SauceSandwich Wraps
Tapioca StarchTomato SauceWonton Wrappers
Store-bought or Homemade Gluten-Free Baking PowderBBQ SauceFalafels
Bicarbonate of Soda/Baking SodaSriracha SauceHash Browns/Potato Röstis
*Xanthan Gum PowderDried Stock CubesPotato Gnocchi
Psyllium Husk PowderChia SeedsBaguette Bread
Arrowroot PowderSesame SeedsNaan Bread
Cream of TartarTahini Paste/Sesame PasteFocaccia Bread
Caster/Brown/Coconut SugarDesiccated CoconutGluten-Free Muesli Slices
*Whey or Soy Protein Isolate, natural/neutral flavourAlmond Meal/Ground AlmondsCrispbread/Knäckebröd Slices
*Modified Tapioca Starch - e.g: UltratexMaple SyrupCorn Tortilla
*Essential to make my homemade gluten-free bread flourRunny HoneyChilli Sauce
Gluten-Free Beer, Ale or CiderGranola
Rice PaperGluten-Free Worcester Sauce


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