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an aerial shot of the gluten-free chocolate peppermint cookies
Chocolate Peppermint Cookies – a refreshing indulgence!

These gluten-free chocolate peppermint cookies are an attractive assembly of butter cocoa cookies sandwiched together with peppermint icing that is half-coated in quality melted chocolate.

Sounds divine? It only takes a few bites to realise that these are a special moment of indulgence and perhaps a midnight snack in the making. They are rich, full of flavour and deserve to be stored at the back of the fridge so no one finds them! But seriously, these are to be enjoyed..slowly and mindfully!

A split cookie view of the chocolate peppermint cookie
A side view of chocolate peppermint cookies
Adobe photo of gluten-free chocolate peppermint hearts
an aerial shot of the gluten-free chocolate peppermint cookies

Gluten-Free Chocolate Peppermint Hearts

by Sandra, Fun Without Gluten
These gluten-free chocolate cookies are sandwiched together with peppermint icing and dipped in chocolate for the ultimate treat. The heart shape cookies are a perfect Valentine's Day gift. Prefer another shape? Design your own cookie shape either round, square, rectangle or fitting a festive theme.
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Prep Time 40 minutes
Cook Time 14 minutes
Chilling Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 9 minutes
Course baking, Party Food
Cuisine General
Servings 20 medium cookies





  • 150 g good-quality chocolate with 70% cacao content
  • ½ tsp butter


  • 2 tsp edible decorations or sprinkles



    Preparing the dough

    • In a stand mixer bowl using the paddle attachment, cream the butter and sugar together for several minutes until it appears fluffy and smooth.
    • Add the flours, psyllium husk powder and baking powder. Mix at the lowest speed for one minute.
    • In a small bowl, combine the milk and cocoa powder until it appears like a chocolate sauce. Add to the butter & flour mixture.
      Adding the cocoa mixture to the flour mixture
    • Mix at the second-lowest speed for one minute. Add more almond flour if the cookie dough feels too sticky. The dough is ready when you can roll it into a ball without it sticking to your hands.
      The gluten-free chocolate cookie dough after being blended
    • Cover and chill for 30 minutes.

    Baking the cookies

    • Preheat the oven to 170°C/335°F.
    • Between two sheets of baking paper, roll out the dough to 5 mm thick.
      Rolling out the dough between two sheets of baking paper
    • Using a medium-size heart shape cookie cutter, cut out the dough and place them on lined baking trays 1 cm apart. The cookies do not spread while baking.
      Unbaked heart shape chocolate cookies
    • Bake for 14 mins on the second-lowest shelf.
    • Allow to cool down on the baking tray for 5 mins. Transfer to a wire rack to cool down fully.


    • Add the sieved icing sugar to the stand mixer bowl together with the milk and peppermint essence.
    • At the lowest speed, mix the icing sugar mixture with a paddle attachment. Cover and set aside.

    Assembling the cookies

    • Spread ½ tsp of the peppermint icing on one half of the chocolate heart shape cookie.
      Some chocolate heart cookies spread with peppermint icing
    • Top a chocolate heart shape cookie on top of the peppermint iced half cookie.
    • Once all of them have been sandwiched with two chocolate cookies between the peppermint icing, chill them for at least 30 mins for the icing to stiffen before coating them in chocolate.

    Coating with Chocolate

    • Gently melt the chocolate and butter in a small bowl over a simmering pot of water. Stir occasionally, until the mixture is melted and glossy.
    • Dip the assembled chocolate sandwiched cookie halfway into the melted chocolate sauce.
      Dipping the chocolate cookie in the melted chocolate
    • Raise the cookie above the chocolate sauce and allow it to drip off any excess sauce before transferring it to a wire rack to drain further and set.
    • Sprinkle some heart shape edible decorations or colourful sprinkles on the chocolate coating before it sets.
      Finished chocolate peppermint hearts on a wire tray
    • Chill further for 15 mins before serving.


    • Once the cookies are set, store chilled in a sealed tin or container
    • Keeps chilled for 5 days
    • Suitable to freeze once assembled and coated in chocolate
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    Baked chocolate peppermint slice cookies on a platter
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